Who Saw Her Die?

ITA 1972
Director: Aldo Lado
Cast: George Lazenby, Anita Strindberg, Adolfo Celi, Dominique Boschero

90 Min. | EF | Englische Fassung


Not a single ray of sunshine can penetrate the eternal grey that envelops Venice in the fall. The fog lies like a shroud over the sinking city that does not seem to be part of this world anymore. A middle-realm that imprisons people in their desperation, their grief and their hate like Dante‘s Inferno. One of these lost souls is sculptor Franco Serpieri, played by George Lazenby. While he was with his lover, his daughter was murdered and thrown into one of the canals. His pain, his loss and his feelings of guilt nearly drive him insane. Made in 1972, a year before Nicolas Roeg‘s legendary horror film »Don‘t Look Now«, Aldo Lado‘s Giallo anticipates many of his ideas and motives. Elevanted by Ennio Morricone‘s haunting score and the fantastic camerawork of Franco Di Giacomo, Lado‘s thriller turns into a grandiose vision of hell that more and more breaks free of its narration. Like Roeg later, Lado leaves the tight constraints of genre cinema behind and creates an atmospherically dense work of art.