Press Quotes

»Oldenburg thrives as a discovery channel.«
- Screen International
»The Biggest Little Fest in Europe.«
- The Hollywood Reporter
»If there's anything that could be considered the Promised Land of Independent Cinema in Europe today, it is Oldenburg.«
- Accred - L'actualité des festivals de cinéma
»Sundance is in Lower Saxony.«
- Kino-Zeit
»In terms of boldness and daring the Oldenburg International Film Festival is far ahead of the competition.«
- Welt am Sonntag
»Germany’s leading indie film fest.«
- The Hollywood Reporter
»Just as impressive as the films was the festival itself, which, under the inspired direction of Torsten Neumann, combined intelligent cinephilia with a laid-back atmosphere of democratic equality.«
- Sight and Sound
»One of the most offbeat festivals in Europe.«
- Variety
»The Filmfest Oldenburg – renown for its determination, cinephilia, and openness for the extremes - impresses with its brilliant programming.«
»The equivalent to Robert Redfords legendary Independent Festival.«
- Focus
»A Festival that has always been known for its sheer inventiveness, playfulness and an affinity for intelligent genre fare that is uncommon on the festival circuit.«
- The Hollywood Reporter
»Oldenburg is a pilgrimage for cineastes.«
- Die Zeit
»Germany’s northern town of Oldenburg hosts one of the few European festivals strong enough to focus purely on independent filmmaking.«
- 100 Essential Film Festivals - by Xavier Rashid
»Young and innovative cinema.«
- Frankfurter Rundschau
»Alongside Venice and Toronto, Oldenburg is considered one of the most important Autumn Festivals for Independent Cinema.«
- de Telegraaf
»The European Sundance.«
- epd Film
»Oldenburg sets itself apart from the mob of mid-sized international festivals. As Oscar-winning director Volker Schloendorff put it: Oldenburg is clearly THE young German Festival.«
- The Hollywood Reporter
»The Oldenburg Film Festival gives the gift of glamour to its city, and in doing so, it has created a charisma that inspires stars to return year after year.«
- Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung