The Pasha

USA 2021
Director: Josie Maynard
Cast: Josie Maynard, General Abduhl Rashid Dostum

103 Min. | OV | Originalversion
World Premiere

The ongoing conflict in Afghanistan seems unresolvable, due to its complexity. Former enemies cooperate after years of war against new enemies, global political battles are fought inside the country and the people in power constantly change. And all on the backs of the population. Patrols, suicide assassination, bomb attacks. Most locals don‘t know it any other way. With »The Pasha«, Josie Maynard tries to find an access to the historical events of a country she lived and filmed in for 15 years. She manages to gain the trust of one of the country‘s key-figures: General Abdul Rashid Dostum has been a mover and shaker in Afghanistan for decades. He is known as one of America‘s most important ally in the fight against the Taliban, but his alleged brutality against prisoners is viewed skeptically, especially in Europe, while parts of the country see him as a hero. With her personal, nearly subjective approach, Maynard manages to open up a new perspective on the Pasha, whose ambivalence and complexity exemplifies the country‘s entire situation. Insights into a country that are new to the Western world.