The Ordinaries

GER 2022
Director: Sophie Linnenbaum
Cast: Fine Sendel, Jule Böwe, Henning Peker, Sira Faal, Noah Tinwa

120 Min. | OmeU


One of the fascinating tasks of science fiction film is the creation of a new world which is at best a foreshadowing of the social and technological development of our reality. Sophie Linnenbaum creates a fantastic world that is basically completely familiar to us. The 16-year-old Paula lives in a film studio. We experience familiar scenes of film shooting of large elaborate scenes with extras in the background, moving through image to provide a magnificent backdrop for the stars. Only in »The Ordinaries« it is not a dream world that is created, it is an actual dream world. The backdrops are the world, the characters are the population of that world. Paula dreams of making it to the main character one day. Not in film, but in life. But life is film. There are cliffhangers, slow motion and class struggles. But that takes place between the outtakes and the main characters. Almost like real life.