The Long Walk

LAO 2019
Cast: Por Silatsa, Noutnapha Soydara, Vilouna Phetmany

116 Min. | OmeU
German Premiere

Every day the little girl waits for him by the side of the road and they walk into town. They‘ve been doing that for years, as they know each other for ages – ever since he was a child and held her hand while she bled to death, struggling to breathe. Since then, she has been by his side. She was there when his father left and when his mother died a slow, painful death. She saw how he grew up and – molded by his experiences – became an angel of death. She was there when he killed the first woman to relieve her of her agony. And to offer her something that for his mother was out of reach: salvation. A cinematic poem about eternity and a world stuck between pain and the ghosts of the past. Mattie Do tells her magical ghost story with an exuberantly rich narrative and an implicitness to let the supernatural blend with normality that is reminiscent of the dreamy quality of Peter Weir‘s »Picnic at Hanging Rock«. A film of addictive beauty.