ESP 2022
Director: Andrea Bagney
Cast: Lourdes Hernández, Bruno Lastra, Francesco Carril

80 Min. | OmeU
German Premiere

Andrea Bagney uses the emptiness on the streets of Madrid during the pandemic to create a unique backdrop for her film. Visually and in terms of content it is reminiscent of the classics of the Nouvelle Vague. Lourdes Hernández charmingly and charismatically plays a character that seems to come straight out of life. Ramona wants to take control of her life and fulfill her dream of an acting career. This goal is clearly set though apart from that there are mainly unanswered questions in her life. What does not help is the fact that the director for whose film she is cast has fallen in love with her and meanwhile her partner urges her to take the chance. Bagney tells the story of a woman finding her own way with great sensitivity and a lot of mischievousness. Authentic, honest and encouraging, Ramona is an invitation to stay true to yourself.