Mr.Suzuki: A Man In God’s Country

Director: Omoi Sasaki
Cast: Asako Ito, Norihiko Tsukuda, Hisako Okata, Nao Yasunaga, Kai Shishido, Iwao , Daisuke Matsunaga

90 Min. | OmeU
European Premiere

A fictional country that seems so familiar – a dystopia that seems so contemporary. »Mr. Suzuki« is a film that seems to enjoy each opportunity to pull the rug from under the viewer‘s feet. The ruler of this country is called »God« and people have to bow to his large portraits that are emblazoned everywhere. The citizens of this country have not seen the incarnate God for 20 years, he has withdrawn for health reasons, it is said. In this world of health and obedience, Yoshiko runs a small nursing home called »Utopia«, which is filled with rough edges and individuality like a relic from another world. But Yoshiko has to fear that her Utopia will be closed because she is middle-aged and still unmarried – a mortal sin in this brave new world punished by exile into camps in the countryside. When a homeless man shows up one night, she takes him in with the plan to marry him and thereby fulfill God‘s requirements. Omoi Sasaki‘s »Mr. Suzuki« is a brilliant comedy about a not so imagined society, whose ideological idiotism has long been found everywhere in our real world.