Our Father, The Devil

USA 2022
Director: Ellie Foumbi
Cast: Babetida Sadjo, Souleymane Sy Savané, Jennifer Tchiakpe, Franck Saurel, Martine Amisse

108 Min. | OmeU
German Premiere

In a small mountain town in the South of France, Marie works as head chef of a retirement home, relishing her quiet life, as she buries her traumatizing memories behind her. Just as she seems to have found peace and balance, the arrival of a new priest from Africa casts a dark shadow over her new life, forcing the atrocities Marie thought she had repressed to resurface. Confronted with the reopened wounds of her past, Marie is pushed to decide how she will deal with facing the dark presence in her freshly shaped world, even as he endears himself to her new friends and community surrounding her. As she takes hold of her life, and her own definition of rite of passage, Marie is driven to confront her shredded childhood even as it threatens to crumble her newly built life and questions the existence of true repentance and new beginnings. Our Father, The Devil is a bold, visceral and gripping dive into the unforgettable scars remaining, as an immigrant finds her bearings in a new place.