Miracle Fishing

USA 2020
Director: Miles Hargrove
Cast: Susan Hargrove, Tom Hargrove, Geddie Hargrove, Robert Clerx

107 Min. | OV | Originalversion
International Premiere

In 1994, when the political situation in Columbia escalated, the American journalist Tom Hargrove was kidnapped by rebels. Their intent was to get a rich ransom for their cause, but neither the US government nor his employer were willing to pay – throwing Hargrove‘s family into an abyss of uncertainty that would last nearly a year. Unable to count on the corrupt local police, the family decided to go it alone. With a tight circle of friends and two sparsely used professional advisors, they negotiated with the kidnappers and entered a dangerous game of life and death. Miles Hargrove, barely 20 at the time, documented his family‘s struggle on video, creating a gut-wrenching and original portrait of a hostage negotiation, but also one of an incredibly strong family as well. »Miracle Fishing« presents us with the true account of what really happened, letting us listen in on negotiations, travel to drop-off points forclandestine messages and witness a truly remarkable family at its best. Unlike« Proof of Life«, Hollywood’s version of Hargrove’s story, »Miracle Fishing« is bursting with authenticity, originality, and true emotions.