Director: Torsten Ruether
Cast: Hardy Daniel Krueger, Luise Grossmann

110 Min. | OV
World Premiere

Steph visits Rick‘s boxing cellar in Berlin-Wedding one night. Determined to prove her talent, she craves his approval. Rick was a promising heavyweight, an injury robbed him of his great career. Now he is living the broken dream as a disillusioned coach in a rundown gym. When Steph confronts him with her unfiltered energy, Rick‘s old passion flares up again for one night. Torsten Rüther lands a knock-out punch with his two amazing lead actors, Hardy Daniel Krueger and Luise Grossmann. Filmed in a very confined space with just two actors and two cameras, an energy emerged that you can feel on the silver-screen. The production process alone is a courageous testimony to indie spirit. Conceived, written, and implemented in the first lockdown. 4 weeks of intensive rehearsals with the two actors, in which the story was choreographed chronologically. A night in which two people meet who couldn‘t be more different. Train, talk, fight, cry, quarrel and laugh together. In doing so, Steph reaches her limits and Rick goes beyond his.