The Madness Inside Me

USA 2020
Director: Matthew Berkowitz
Cast: Merrin Dungey, Devon Graye, Thomas Q. Jones, Anthony DeSando

87 Min. | OV | Originalversion
World Premiere
Midnite Xpress

Madison Taylor works as a forensic psychiatrist in the New York prison system, spending her days with convicted murderers and her evenings with her husband, Paul. When he is murdered during an attempted burglary, Madison manages to identify the killer. But at the last moment she recants. From nowon she stalks the newly released culprit, a good-looking and charismatic psychopath. Does she want to kill him herself? Sleep with him? Truly understand what led him to commit the crime? Or does she carry dark and sinister something inside herself? Something that she has been told about by her clients, but never truly understood: a deep fascination with hunting people and have their fate in her hands. With »The Madness Inside Me«, director Matt Berkowitz, whose own mother worked as a forensic psychiatrist with criminals, has created a clever and haunting cat-and-mouse game that will get under your skin.