Director: Christopher Walters
Cast: Christopher Walters, Stephonik Youth

71 Min. | OV
World Premiere
Midnite Xpress

New York City: 2020. As the outbreak of the global pandemic descends upon the city, terrified masses evacuate the streets to quarantine or flee to safer areas to escape the lethal virus. As millions stay indoors under unprecedented lockdowns, a lone journalist calls in a favor and hits the road. While sheltering from the pandemic on a remote mountaintop, »W« discovers that he is not alone. And survival will be of the fittest. In this story about a journalist, an alien, a mountain man and a witch, Walters delves into the nature of humanity’s quest to subjugate that which we do not understand - and exploit or destroy it. It’s the colonialist archetype that manifests in our relationships with other humans, with animals and with planet earth. But for »W«, human nature also holds within it the dream of justice and on a rare occasion, this dream prevails. Stunningly captured in Rotoscope, and filmed with an iPhone and no crew during months in quarantine, Walters also stars as »W« in his diary of a pandemic, and of roads less traveled into the soul of existence.