Die Rache an der Welt

GER 2022
Director: Stefan Krohmer
Cast: Maria Furtwängler, Florence Kasumba

89 Min. | OV
World Premiere

For weeks the tranquil town of Göttingen has been terrorized by a serial offender who leads women at gunpoint to remote locations to force them into sexual acts. When a female jogger is found dead in the woods the crime is also attributed to the »Viking« even though it does not fit his profile. The case becomes precarious because the victim was involved in refugee aid which expands the circle of suspects in a way that is not welcomed everywhere. This presents Inspector Charlotte Lindholm with a moral dilemma: should she forbid DNA analysis to include ethnic characteristics which would possibly rule out the Nordic-looking »Viking« as the perpetrator or should she investigate in a politically correct if less efficient manner? »Rache an der Welt« is a crime scene at its best: suspenseful, highly political and fearless.