The Human Factor

Der menschliche Faktor

Director: Ronny Trocker
Cast: Mark Waschke, Sabine Timoteo, Wanja Valentin Kube, Jule Hermann, Hannes Perkmann

102 Min. | OV

A short commotion in the comfortable, but somewhat monotonous life of Nina, Jan and their two kids. An unexpected noise, a distant surge of emotions, even a fleeting encounter that ends with a nosebleed. Maybe it was a burglar who crept into their weekend home and left in a hurry. Only a short moment of instability, but one that touches off a lot. Different perceptions increasingly obstruct the sight of the truth, mistrust grows and all guidance is lost. Ronny Trocker shows this incident the way Kurosawa in »Rashomon« told and retold the murder in a grove. Different perspectives take us repeatedly on the same journey around this event. And with every trip to this short moment of chaos more cracks show in the image that Nina and Jan put up and believe to be the truth about their orderly lives. Sabine Timoteo and Mark Waschke as a dysfunctional couple that has nothing to say to one another and mistakes that for understanding each other. A smart and extremely suspenseful film about the truth that emerges with the loss of one‘s favored perspective.