Director: Mattie Do
Cast: Amphaiphun Phimmapunya, Douangmany Soliphanh, Soukchinda Duangkhamchan, Khouan Souliyabapha, Soulasath Souvannavong, Mango

98 Min. | OmeU


Chanthaly‘s world is her father‘s house. It ends at the gate to the property, which the 22-year-old woman is not allowed to leave. In the eyes of her strict father, there‘s a reason for that. Like her mother, Chanthaly suffers from a congenital heart-defect. The world outside the walls could kill her. But she is not only the prisoner of her illness or her father. Visons and memories that haunt her tie her to a life that barely deserves that name. As the first horror movie filmed in Laos, »Chanthaly« made film history. But its even more fascinating how Mattie Do handles the conventions of the genre. On the surface, one could describe her directing debut from 2012 as a ghost movie. But that barely does it justice. With completely unspectacular, but still deeply disturbing images Do manages to create a world in which the borders between the land of the living and the realm of the dead exceedingly evaporate. Which is how the story of a young woman looking for the truth about her mother‘s death turns into an existential puzzle.