Director: Scott Monahan
Cast: Scott Monahan, Dakota Loesch, Christopher Corey Smith, Soren Royer-McHugh

82 Min. | OV
International Premiere

John and Jacob on their journey to the promised land. The two almost inseparable and yet so different brothers hit the road with a trunk load of opioids that are hidden in 40 brightly colored teddy bears and with which they are now on their way from Florida to Alaska to cash in big time in the land of gold. Because there, at least according to John‘s creative economic theory, the profit margin would even exceed their expectations, which had long since been set in wishful thinking. Constantly high thanks to the inventory they carry with them, they cross a depopulated America that is only a shadow of itself. What begins as a joyous journey to the Eldorado of their daydreams turns into a journey into the dark heart of an American dream that has long been shattered into nothing but an illusion. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the California desert, their journey derails and puts the brothers on a harrowing crash course. A pulsating trip, the »Easy Rider of Generation Opium«.