USA 2020
Director: John Hyams
Cast: Jules Willcox, Marc Menchaca, Anthony Heald, Jonathan Rosenthal

100 Min. | OV | Originalversion
International Premiere

Fragile and grief-stricken, Jessica mourns her recently deceased husband and just wants to be alone to find peace of mind and solace. With little warning to friends and family, she packs up a small U-Haul and flees the city of Portland, to escape the inner demons that torment her and rebuild her life. Heading deep into the sprawling beauty of the Pacific Northwest, her station wagon climbs the winding lonely highways through the densely forested - and sparsely populated - wilderness. A lone black SUV suddenly appears in front of her, seemingly taunting her as it blocks the road and her attempts to pass safely. But the soft-spoken driver apologizes for the near miss with an on oncoming truck he has unwittingly caused. Or was it intentional? As paranoia sets in for the young widow, what was meant to be her liberation quickly turns into a journey on the highway to hell as the seemingly harmless driver ahead of her becomes her pursuer - in an eventual fight for survival. A heart-pounding remake of the 2011 Swedish thriller «Gone», up to a breathless finale, director John Hyams tightens the screws of suspense; every twist and turn hits its mark and makes it perfectly clear that the director of the celebrated »Universal Soldier«-sequels sets the bar for American action cinema with his smart, tough and no-nonsense genre films. A cinematic bullseye.