Alien On Stage

UK 2020
Director: Lucy Harvey ,Danielle Kummer
Cast: Luc Hayward, Lydia Hayward, Pete Lawford, Dave Mitchell, Jacqui Roe

83 Min. | OV
German Premiere

The underdog story of the year. A group of bus drivers from small Dorset decides to tackle their annual play just a little more elaborately than ever before. The plan is to adopt Ridley Scott‘s »Alien« for the stage. They spend a whole year preparing for their big show. When their big day of the premiere night has come, the disaster is complete: their most ambitious effort bombs at the audience. But fate gives them a second chance: they are invited to present their play in a London West End theatre - for one night from the village stage to the Olymp of the theatre world. When preparations for this unexpected opportunity in London are underway the directors Danielle Kummer and Lucy Harvey are firmly convinced of the genius of the play and start with a documentary about this crazy project. One hurdle still remains to be overcome. The bus drivers have to face the fact that their serious and most ambitious project will be conceived as a comedy on the West End stage. A huge challenge for the heroes for one night.