A Woman

FRA 2022
Director: Jean-Paul Civeyrac
Cast: Sophie Marceau, Johan Heldenbergh, Cristina Flutur, Héloïse Bousquet

96 Min. | OmeU
German Premiere

Juliane Verbeck is a policewoman in Paris – a cool, clear-thinking woman who masters her job so well that she even manages to write successful books on the side. But although she is able to quickly solve cases of a purely professional nature, her husband’s infidelity has long eluded her. After she starts to pick up his trail there is no stopping her. The law-abiding policewoman turns into a murderous avenging angel. Director Jean-Paul Civeyrac has created an unusual thriller with »A Woman« which is less about solving a crime than about planning and executing it. This reminds us especially through the brilliant performance of Sophie Marceau in the lead role that no fury in hell can be worse than a woman scorned.