A Brixton Tale

UK 2021
Director: Darragh Carey ,Bertrand Desrochers
Cast: Lily Newmark, Ola Orebeyi, Jaime Winstone, Craige Middleburg

76 Min. | OV
German Premiere

Leah is a YouTuber, one of these professions one can only afford to have when born into an affluent family, which is fortunately the case. Benji, the subject of her current documentary is the son of African immigrants and came into this world without a silver spoon in his mouth. Even when the two fall in love, Leah keeps her camera handy and even tries to dramatize Benji‘s already dramatic life for her own purposes. When it does come to a truly dangerous situation, we realize how far these two people‘s worlds are truly from one another and that their reckless behavior will only have real consequences for one of them. Directors Darragh Carey and Bertrand Desrochers have created an authentic, modern love-story that slowly turns into a modern, urban tragedy as the film progresses. A dire warning of the potency of modern media that reminds us with powerful performances and images that the act of observation will always have an impact on its subject – in this case with dire consequences.