The Festival Trailer 2022


This year's trailer is a collaboration with filmmaker Andreas Horvath, using footage from his latest film »Zoo Lockdown«

This year, the Festival collaborated with Award-winning Austrian filmmaker and composer, Andreas Horvath, to create the 2022 Trailer »Born Free«, by using footage from his latest film »Zoo Lockdown«, which had its world premiere in Karlovy Vary and will celebrate its German Premiere in Oldenburg. During lockdown, Horvath had the unique opportunity to film the animals in the Salzburg Zoo. Without visitors, the essence of their situation is purely observed, as is the realization that a life in captivity, a life without freedom, is always the most serious violation of an individual's being. Protection of the species loses much of its theoretical weight and justification in the face of the images Horvath captures. And for us, after more than two years of the pandemic, looking into the eyes of these beings is like looking in the mirror.

You can watch the trailer here: