Cult directors Harry Kümel and Philippe Mora return to Oldenburg with new projects presented at Matchbox Coproduction Lounge

Coproduction Lounge heads into its third year with an exciting line-up of developing projects to be presented at 25th Edition of this year’s Oldenburg International Film Festival

Following last year’s successful second year, the Matchbox Coproduction Lounge will be held in Oldenburg for the third time. On September 15th, the Oldenburg International Film Festival will host the event, in which filmmakers from all over the world will meet to exchange ideas and explore a potential match of interests, in a relaxed intimate atmosphere in order to connect and create opportunities for future collaborations. In addition to the meeting, on Sunday, September 16th, producer Jim Stark (»Night on Earth«, »Down by Law«) will be holding a panel about Low Budget film producing and presenting his latest film, the German film »Adam« by Maria Solrun.

The Macedonian Film Agency will be in focus and presented as a coproduction partner for potential international projects. Members of their film fund and a delegation of producers will be in attendance. The Macedonian film »The Return« (»Vrakanje«) by Kastriot Abdyli will have its World Premiere at the Oldenburg International Film Festival.

This year’s line-up of projects brings once again veterans, newcomers and highly anticipated 2nd features. Such is the one of Bulgarian filmmaker Maya Vitkova-Kosev, whose feature debut »Viktoria« made a bang on the festival circuit in 2014 (Sundance, Rotterdam). After scooping the Kieslowski Award for best Eastern European script in Cannes this year, she arrives to Oldenburg to seek partners for her latest project »Afrika«. Two bestseller adaptations will also be showcased at the Lounge. The last novel from renowned Pulitzer Prize winner Norman Mailer, »The Castle in the Forest«, is set for a series adaptation and will be presented by Mailer’s son, Michael, whose film »The Private Life of a Modern Woman« will also be presented at the Festival. Barbara Abel’s bestselling novel »Duelle« is also seeking backing for feature adaptation into »Pleasant Hills«, a gripping psychological thriller.

1970s directing legend Harry Kümel seeks backing for »Mother of Darkness«, the sequel to his acclaimed cult vampire hall of famer »Daughters of Darkness«, as well as for »The Adventures of Harry Dickson« a series based on the tales of Jean Ray, writer of his 1972 Palme d’Or nominated masterpiece »Malpertuis«, starring Orson Welles. Australian maverick director Philipp Mora teams up with Jim McElroy, producer of Peter Weir’s Oscar awarded »The Year of Living Dangerously«, to develop »Monash of Australia«, a WWI period drama. Other highlights of this year’s event include »Salt in the Wound«, the feature debut of talented young filmmaker from Cyprus Harry Ayiotis, winner of last year’s Midpoint HBO prize at the Sarajevo Film Fest.

Starting from August 21st, accreditation for the Matchbox Coproduction Meeting will be open to interested producers, investors, and industry members. The full list of projects and descriptions will be available on the Festival website soon.


Further Highlights of this year’s Oldenburg International Film Festival will be:

Unforgiven, RUS 2018, by Sarik Andreasyan

Russia’s directorial star tells the deeply traumatic, true story of Vitaliy Kaloev, who lost his family in the Überlingen air disaster. The pain of it, and the powerlessness given the absence of empathy and remorse from those responsible would lead to a second catastrophe. After Andreasyan's »Guardians« brought Russia's answer to the Marvel superhero films to the screen, he shows himself in »Unforgiven« as a virtuoso of the actor's cinema, unafraid of grand emotion. EUROPEAN PREMIERE

The Boat, BRA 2018, by Petrus Cariry

With his 4th feature, the award-winning Brazilian filmmaker Petrus Cariry distinguishes himself with an allegorical tale that is masterful. Set in an isolated fishing village, secret desires to leave to see the world beyond the sea are harbored. But the daily routine is suddenly altered when a mysterious boat runs aground on the beach, and the sole survivor of the shipwreck, the mysterious Ana, enters and changes their world. A sweeping epic, simply exquisite.  EUROPEAN PREMIERE

Fear In My Head, GER 2018, by Thomas Stiller

The story law enforcement officer who emotionally spends her time between family life and work. Home is shaped by distance and economic constraints. Her attempts to compensate for the lack of empathy in jail put her in a dangerous imbalance between false trust and a longing for human warmth. Stiller’s story draws its strength from a powerful cast and the oppressive insight that prisoners need by no means locked doors and bars. WORLD PREMIERE

All Square, USA 2018, by John Hyams

After a drunken one-night stand with an ex, a down-on-his luck bookie John (Michael Kelly) finds himself stuck alone with her 12-year old son. Out of guilt, John offers to drive the kid to his little league baseball game. Where most would see sportsmanship and heartfelt cheering, John spots an exciting new clientele – parents willing to bet heavily on their kids’ games. Winner of the Audience Award at SXSW, director John Hyams’ gem hits a home run. INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE

Temporary Difficulties, RUS 2018, by Mikhail Raskhodnikov 

Based on a true story, »Temporary Difficulties« charts the journey of a boy born with cerebral palsy who overcomes all odds to rise to the heights of global recognition. Powered by Russian star, Rinal Kovalev, in a haunting performance as the father, this 2nd feature by writer-director Mikhail Rashodikov is a heart breaking and inspiring portrait of survival - and a love letter to life. INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE

IVAN, SVN 2017, by Janez Burger 

From Slovenia comes an honest yet brutal portrayal of love, motherhood and hard decisions. EFP Shooting Star recipient Marusa Majer is captivating as Mara, a starry-eyed new mother obsessively in love with Rok, the father of her child but also a married businessman. With virtuous direction, Janez Burger brings us a poetic exploration of a woman forced to choose between her child and the love of her life. GERMAN PREMIERE

Mandy, USA 2018, by Panos Cosmatos

Nicolas Cage is unforgettable in the most dangerously exciting genre film of the year. Starring as Red, who leads a peaceful existence with his partner Mandy (Amanda Riseborough) in an isolated cabin in the Pacific Northwest. But when their idyllic existence is savagely destroyed by a cult, Red is catapulted into a phantasmagoric journey of bloody vengeance. A mind-blowing feast.

Write When You Get Work, USA 2018, by Stacy Cochran 

2000s Honorary Tribute recipient Stacy Cochran returns to Oldenburg after 17 years with a tale of money, mischief, and longing. Ruth and Jonny loved each other and lost each other. 10 years after their failed high school romance, they reunite, but find themselves worlds apart. Lensed by Oscar-winning cinematographer Robert Elswit, the story of star-crossed lovers is a love letter to New York. INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE

Ray Meets Helen, USA 2017, by Alan Rudolph

After 15 years away from the cinema, the director of such classics as “Choose Me” and “Trouble in Mind” returns with a magical romantic noir. In their 6th collaboration Oscar-winner Keith Carradine stars as Ray – a worn-down ex-boxer, forced to quit at the peak of his career, and Sandra Locke is Helen – a farmer facing financial ruin. Sudden windfalls give the strangers a chance to re-invent themselves. And then they meet – in one of Rudolph’s finest offerings. EUROPEAN PREMIERE

The Private Life of a Modern Woman, USA 2017, by James Toback

Sienna Miller delivers a tour de force performance in Toback’s existential thriller.  She commands every frame as Vera – a successful actress who finds herself in a living nightmare after the accidental killing of her ex-boyfriend. Informed by the provocative frenzy of Hieronymous Bosch, and choral works of Brahms and Bach, and with virtuoso cameos by Alec Baldwin and Charles Grodin, this portrait of a complex psyche is a symphony of riches. GERMAN PREMIERE 

Holiday, DEN/TUR 2018, by Isabella Eklöf 

Following its World Premiere at Sundance and Grand Prix win at New Horizons, with her gutsy feature debut, the Swedish-born director breaks into the male dominated club of cinema provocateurs. Set in a beautiful port city on the Turkish Rivera, Victoria Carmen Sonne stars as a mobster’s young trophy girlfriend in a chilling portrait of what lies beneath a surface of paradise – and a beautiful face with the heart of a beast. Remarkable. GERMAN PREMIERE


The complete program will be announced on Thursday, August 30.


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