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“Familiye” by Kubilay Sarikaya and Sedat Kirtan Opens the 24th Edition of the Oldenburg International Film Festival

A film about tough streets and tender ties - the World Premiere of “Familiye” will open the Festival on September 13, 2017


After serving a five-year prison sentence, Danyal is free at last to rejoin life on the outside and resume his role as head of the family. Since the death of his parents, he’s assumed responsibility for his two younger brothers and kept the boys together. But in the rough hood of Berlin-Spandau-Neustadt, keeping a protective rein on both the gambling Miko, and the youngest, Muhammed, with Down syndrome, hasn’t been easy. And in a world where corruption, fear, and criminals dominate, when old debts are due and Muhammed risks being removed from his brothers by authorities and placed in a special care facility, ties that bind the brothers and the fragile balance of their existence threatens to unravel. 

In their debut feature, filmmaking duo, Kubilay Sarikaya and Sedat Kirtan, collaborate both off-screen and on as co-writers, directors, producers, and stars of the film. Inspired by the harshness of life on the streets he experienced as a youth, Sarikaya stars as Danyal in the urban labyrinth that entraps the brothers. Captured with striking authenticity - violence, crime, love, and hope pulsate with the power of cinéma vérité, as the filmmaking duo offer a rare and loving insight into a world intimate to both.

Award-winning actor, Arnel Taci, stars as Miko, and in his screen debut, Muhammed Kirtan inspires in the role of Muhammed. With Violetta Schurawlow (“Head Full of Honey”) and rapper Xatar (Alles oder Nix Records) - who also contributed to the intense soundtrack and brought in Moritz Bleibtreu as a supporter of the project, who co-produced the film alongside Dr Peter-Jörg Klein.

Determined to realistically portray and offer insight into the lives of the people in their neighborhood, Sarikaya and Kirtan joined forces and founded their production company Lynarwood. In 2013, the native Berliners began working on the script, and in 2016 began filming with a verisimilitude that is rare in young German cinema. FAMILIYE is a production of EKC-Film GmbH in co-production with Lynarwood and Paloma Film.

On Wednesday, September 13th, the world premiere of FAMILIYE will be held at the Opening Night Gala of the 24th Edition of the Oldenburg International Film Festival, with the directors, actors, and producers in attendance.


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