Salt in the Wound

Writer/Director: Harry Ayiotis

Producer: Louis Patsias

Genre: Thriller/Crime

Logline: It’s Mario’s last night as a door to door drug dealer before he leaves the country for a fresh start. Things take a turn for the worse when Marios’ sister Salome is taken forcing him into a fight against time through the nocturnal criminal underbelly to save her before sunrise.

Synopsis: Told in four non-linear chapters, this is the story of Mario, a one-man seasoned door to door drug delivery “service” for the bizarre and the affluent. On his last night on the job before leaving the country with his sister Salome for a fresh start, Mario is showing the ropes to his replacement, Jason, a wide eyed teenager. Whilst Mario introduces Jason he receives an unknown call that Salome has been taken. He has to follow the caller’s instructions before time runs out, through the criminal underbelly of the last divided capital in the world, Nicosia, a city stuck in limbo between the present and the past. The old town part of Nicosia, south of the UN buffer zone becomes a unique character of its own. A medieval wall surrounds the old town with remains of castles and checkpoint crossings between the Greek southern side and the Turkish occupied northern part of Cyprus. A non-stop, drug fueled nocturnal Odyssey of a brother and a sister caught in an intricate vortex of sex, drugs and bad choices, reminding the siblings actions have consequences and some punishments need to fit the crime. Can you ever truly escape the past in a city still haunted by ghosts from a bygone era refusing to move on?

Match-Point: I have a producer attached and we applied for script development funding for low budget features from my country’s annual state grant. The first draft of the screenplay is finished and I have also attached a director of photography. We want to raise interest in the project and find a coproducer that likes the project and is willing to invest either in funds, knowledge of international markets or both. At this point I just want to raise awareness for the project’s uniqueness in it’s setting which is Nicosia, the last divided capital in the world, with a rich cultural significance and complex geopolitical history.

Check List:
• Budget: No
• Funding: No
• Actors attached: No
• Producers: Yes
• Co-producers: No
• Project package: No


Harry Ayiotis

Louis Patsias