Mothers of Darkness

Director: Harry Kümel

Writers: Harry Kümel and Anne Billson

Genre: Dangerous vampire liaisons

Logline: For centuries, the Countess Bathory has been preserving her youth and beauty by steeping herself in the blood of virgins. But now her past crimes are catching up with her, and a new generation looks all set to consign the vampires of yesteryear to the scrapheap of history.

Synopsis: The ancient but eternally seductive vampire Countess Bathory and her companion Ilona travel to present-day England in search of the long-lost manuscript of Bram Stoker's sequel to Dracula, which the Countess fears could expose her darkest secrets to the world. But little does she realise she is walking into a trap set by a perverse and vengeful enemy, while the luscious young couple she has marked as her next victims may yet be the death of her.

Match-Point: The Flemish producer Tomas Leyers is, for the moment, in charge of the project, the screenplay phase of which has been developed and brought to conclusion by the director's film company Diamond Productions, which will also co-produce the film. It will be funded in part from the Belgian side by the Flemish Film Fund VAF, as well as the Tax Shelter provisions in Belgium, and various European funds. The famed Irish producer Brendan McCarthy (Fantastic Films) has already committed the participation of his company, and we hope to secure the participation of a French and/or a German producer too. But most importantly, we are also looking for a British producer for the simple reason that most of the (substantial) location shooting will be done in England, more specifically in Bradford, Yorkshire. Budget is estimated at 4.000.000 to 5.000.000 euros.



• Budget available: No                                   

• Funding attached: No                                  

• Committed Actors: In part                                     

• Producers: Yes                                          

• Co-Producers: In part                                 

• Project Package available: Yes  



Harry Kümel

+32 486 710404

Tomas Leyers