Director: Vardan Tozija

Writers: Vardan Tozija, Darijan Pejovski

Producer: Darko Popov

Genre: Drama/Fantasy

Logline: Once left without his protective father, a little boy embarks on a quest for answers and love in a dangerous, dystopian world of the near future.

Synopsis: Marko lives with his stern, paranoid Father, self-confined in solitude, hidden deep inside a vast forest. All outside is evil. There’s only the two of us. You must never leave our magical forest. Marko obeys father’s rules without questioning. A strange M-shaped mark on the boy’s hand riddles him from the earliest days. One day, father dies while rescuing Marko from a group of unknown attackers, human only by shape. Marko decides to leave the magical forest and find the Golden Fairy from his only belonging – the old picture book. 

Alone, for the first time outside his shelter, Marko encounters a world shattered in ruins and entangled in silence. Grotesque hordes of once people, now beings deprived of sanity roam the roads of sorrow. The rage of the ones pushed beyond all limits, metastasized into a virus, which eventually got to everyone.  In an abandoned town, Marko is saved from the infected by a unit of desperate soldiers. They intend to seize his life, too, sparing him from the inevitable end. The M-mark on his hand makes them decline. He’s one of the few born immune once the outbreak emerged. Those few would rebuild our world, without repeating the mistakes of the past.

Match-Point: The project is so far financially supported by Macedonian Film Agency and we have 50% of the finance in place. By our devoted co-producng partners (Art & Popcorn/SRB, 4Film/Croatia and Miramar Film/BUL), M was submitted to the respective film financing bodies of Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria. We believe the quality of the story and the script will raise interest to likeminded producers beyond the Balkan region. We are open to discuss options for creative and technical participation such as: English speaking actors, HoD's, shooting locations and postproduction.


• Budget available Yes

• Funding attached Yes

• Committed Actors No

• Producers Yes

• Co-Producers No

• Project Package available Yes


Darko Popov



Vardan Tozija