Adventures of Harry Dickson

Director: Harry Kümel

Writers: Patrick Pesnot, Anne Billson, Harry Kümel and other British and French screenwriters

Genre: Pulp noir fantastique

Format: A 13-part television series based on the tales by Jean Ray, the legendary Belgian fantastique writer, author of Malpertuis

Logline: A brilliant American detective solves mind-boggling enigmas in a fabulous reimagining of 1930s Britain.

Synopsis: Harry Dickson is an American sleuth based in foggy 1930s London, where he tackles baffling cases too outlandish for Scotland Yard. Only this exceptional mastermind can hope to solve these astonishing crimes featuring ghosts, vampires, gorgons, werewolves, death rays and other uncanny phenomena. The unflappable Dickson and his eager young acolyte, Tom Wills, plunge fearlessly into the nightmarish penumbra to expose the machinations of the nefarious forces lurking there. Time and again, they peel back the monstrous masks besetting them to expose the true but no less terrifying face of evil.

Match-Point: Project is in the very early stages of development. At present, we are starting to finance the screenplays of the various episodes, funded in part by a grant of our Flemish Film Fund, VAF. The screenplay phase is produced by the company of director/co-writer Harry Kümel, Diamond Productions. We are looking for a potential British co-producer for the series, hopefully in co-production with a French, Spanish and/or German producer. Several Walloon and Flemish producers are also in the running from the Belgian side, but first the screenplays need to be completed.



• Budget available: No                                            

• Funding attached: No                                            

• Committed Actors: No                                            

• Producers: Yes

• Co-Producers: No

• Project Package available: Yes 



Harry Kümel

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