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Joanna Cassidy on the Walk of Fame

v.l.: OLB executive Board member Christian Hilgerkönig, guest of honor actress Joanna Cassidy and festival director Torsten Neumann

Sean Young receives 8th Star

Dr. Thomas Bretzger, Sean Young, Torsten Neumann after the reveiling of the star

Veronica Ferres honoured with the 7th Star on the OLB Walk of Fame

Hilger, Koenig, Veronica Ferres and Torsten Neumann after the ceremonial unveiling of the star

Mira Sorvino receives the sixth star

Spokesman of the OLB board of directors Dr. Achim Kassow with Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino and Festival director Torsten Neumann

unveiling the star for Matthew Modine

Matthew Modine with Festivaldirector Torsten Neumann and members of the OLB management board Dr. Friedmann and Dr. Schinzing (2011)

Deborah Kara Unger on the Walk of Fame

Deborah Kara Unger reveals her star on the OLB Walk of Fame

Peter Lohmeyer's star

Peter Lohmeyer

Seymour Cassel is honored in 2008

2008: Seymour Cassel

Stacy Keach receives his star

Mr. Schinzing, Mr. Bleckmann, Stacey Keach, Mr. Friedmann and Torsten Neumann at the first unveiling in 2007