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oldenburg film festival in the news

More than the sum of its films. epd-film, 2011

Oldenburg Film Festival gives the gift of glamour to its city, and in doing so, they have created a charisma that inspires the stars to return year after year. Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, 2011

One of the most off-beat Festivals in Europe. Variety, 2011

Germany’s leading indie film fest. The Hollywood Reporter, 2010

The 17th issue of the Oldenburg Film Festival knew once again to impress its international guests with cosmopolitan charm and a congenial atmosphere. Blickpunkt Film, 2010

The film festival in Oldenburg has built up a reputation over the past 16 years of being a showcase for cinema beyond the confines of the blockbuster industry. Focus, 2010

The 17th Oldenburg International Film Festival once again proved that enjoyable cinema, sophistication and glamour can be perfectly intertwined.
Schnitt, 2010

One of the offbeat festivals in Europe. Variety, 2009

Initially dismissed as a small film festival, in the meantime it is renowned as one of the highest reputed festivals across Europe. Bremer, 2009

Year after year the quality, range and hipness of the festival increases.
TAZ, 2008

When Torsten Neumann and Thorsten Ritter started the Oldenburg Film Festival on four screens on 1994, they had no idea that over the course of the next 14 years they would turn a high-security prison into a screening venue, have a filmmaker flown in at the last minute via single-engine plane, and witness their little venture being labelled the German Sundance by an increasingly curious trade press. Hollywood Reporter, 2008

Year after year the quality, range and hipness of the festival increases.
TAZ, 2008
This has established itself as one of the major European festivals showcasing independent film next to International Film Festival Rotterdam and Festival Internacional de Gijon.  Bremer, 2008

... young filmmakers regard is as an honour to be invited to Oldenburg.
TAZ, 2007

The premier league of German film festivals.
Wilhelmshavener Zeitung, 2007

Fans get to brunch with the directors and party with the actors. This too fits Oldenburg perfectly, showing what an important image factor the festival has become for the local community.
Nordwest Zeitung, 2006 
Innovative and independent: the five-day festival is among Europe’s premiere events for independent cinema.
Men’s Health, 2006 
The counterpart for Robert Redfords legendary independent festival.
Focus, 2005 
One of the most important european festivals for independent film.
Tagesschau, 2004 
For the first time the festival awarded the „German Independence Award – Best German Film“ making the festival even more attractive for native directors and undelining the festival's ambition to promote non-mainstream cinema.
Ruhr Nachrichten, 2004 
One of Europe's most important independent film festivals.
Tagesschau, 2004
The biggest German Indie-festival – fascinating and unpredictable.
filmecho filmwoche, 2003 
The Oldenburg Film Festival meanwhile is reputed to be the European pendant to the Sundance Festival.
Allegra, 2002