Write When You Get Work

USA 2018
Director : Stacy Cochran
Cast : Emily Mortimer, Finn Wittrock, Rachel Keller, James Ransone, Scott Cohen, Jessica Hecht

99 Min. | OV | Originalversion
International Premiere
Independent Section

Nine years have passed since former high-school sweethearts Ruth (Rachel Keller) and Jonny (Finn Wittrock) spent hours on the rocky Brooklyn beach enchanted with one another. Now, worlds apart, Ruth has moved on from her childhood neighborhood and spends her time working for a preppy private school in Manhattan. Jonny, on the other hand, lives on the edge of a criminal lifestyle, working local jobs and waiting for a »big score« to fall from the sky. The chance does appear, but from a lower angle, when he crosses paths with Ruth at a mutual friend’s funeral. Jonny’s infatuation with Ruth reignites and he makes it his mission to infiltrate her life and swindle the riches of the high class. However, while Jonny is Ruth’s biggest threat, he is also her best hope of escaping the superficial life she has surrounded herself with. Lensed by iconic Academy Award winning cinematographer Robert Elswit, director Stacy Cochran skillfully tells a tale of money, mischief and longing in her love letter to New York.