Wir wären andere Menschen

GER 2019
Director : Jan Bonny
Cast : Matthias Brandt, Silke Bodenbender, Manfred Zapatka, Andreas Döhler, Aenne Schwarz

89 Min. | DFmeU | Deutsche Fassung mit englischen Untertiteln

International Section

With last year‘s »Germany. A Winter‘s Tale«, director Jan Bonny established himself as a German filmmaker to watch. His portraits of lost souls are as affectionate as his treatment of the landscapes they are set in – a style that has been called poetic realism. His current film’s beautiful title »We Would Be Different« already sets the stage for such a fond look below the surface. It is the story of Rupert Seidlein who – at the age of 15 – had to watch as his parents and his best friend were shot by two policemen, who were both found not guilty. 30 years later, Rupert returns to his hometown with his wife. The boundaries between redemption, reconciliation and the enduring longing for revenge begin to fade. Rupert’s encounter with the policemen who fired those fateful shots sets a tragic chain reaction in motion. Even though he realizes that they also were broken by what happened back then, absolution seems impossible. Matthias Brandt, Silke Bodenbender and Manfred Zapatka celebrate this fateful dance on the edge of an abyss.