Was wir wussten - Risiko Pille

GER 2019
Director : Isabel Prahl
Cast : Stephan Kampwirth, Nina Kronjäger, Thomas Heinze, Luise Wolfram, Cem Ali Gültekin

90 Min. | DF | Deutsche Fassung
World Premiere
International Section

The pharmaceutical industry has finally reached a revolutionary breakthrough: Bellacara. The contraception pill of the fourth generation becomes a lifestyle-product – in no small amount due to the Influencers and Social Media stars Maja and Mimi. The micro-pill promises better skin and bigger breasts – an optimization of one‘s self. When a study discovers dangerous adverse reactions, the pharma company that Karsten Gellhaus (Stephan Kampwirth) works for, is not the least bit interested. Karsten now faces a moral dilemma of many dimensions. Can he withstand the pressure from his employer? The family man tries to explain the risks to his colleagues with all his might. Isabel Prahl made her cinematic debut in 2017 with »1000 Arten, den Regen zu sehen«. Her intuitive grasp of directing her actors, the use of music and trendy ways of storytelling can also be found in her most recent film. Casting the two Social Media stars Lisa and Lena was only a first step. Societal satire, media criticism and a campaign as if it was from the 70s: pimples, breasts and first sex as a smokescreen for a million dollar business in opposition of our health.