Trouble in Mind

USA 1985
Director : Alan Rudolph
Cast : Keith Carradine, Kris Kristofferson, Lori Singer

107 Min. | OmU | Original with german Subtitles


Before »Sin City«, there was Rain City. This is where Alan Rudolph’s »Trouble in Mind« takes place, an urban landscape with a 40s touch and the stylized look of an Edward Hopper painting. Characters don’t come here; they end up here. Like the former policeman Hawk (Kris Kristofferson), who went to prison for killing a bad guy and is now looking for a job and a woman. Or Coop (Keith Carradine) who has a woman named Georgia (Lori Singer) and a baby, but needs to feed them. Criminals like Solo (Joe Morton), who – when not reciting weird poetry to himself in the booth of a diner – goes from one score to the next. They are inhabitants of a weird world that is reminiscent not so much of the past, but how it was portrayed in old movies, with some off-color elements like troops on the street and Korean apparently being the official second language. And they all are looking for something that will elude them as soon they come within reach. Hawk will start an affair with Georgia, while Coop joins Solo in a life of crime, outwardly transforming into an 80s pop-version of the Joker in the process. They don’t quite know where they are going– but this is half the fun of Rudolph’s stylish masterpiece, a film about cinematic worlds.