CAN 2019
Director : Grace Glowicki
Cast : Grace Glowicki, Ben Petrie

70 Min. | OV
German Premiere
Midnite Xpress

Tito is trapped. With his long, black hair, eye-catching sideburns and a red whistle for emergencies around his neck, he scurries through life – lonely and shaken up. He is scared. Every attempt to step outside is torture for him, because the world is a threat and he feels persecuted. The natural human longing for food and safe shelter in his own limited space feels overbearing. He‘s close to a mental breakdown. Suddenly a cheerful stranger appears in his house who has more to offer to him than just breakfast. Funny, sad and surreal: »Tito« tells a feminist fable about the results of sexual harassment, friendship and fear seen through an expressive, wild and refreshing lens. Sundance Special Jury Award winner Grace Glowicki does not just deliver her feature-length debut with this film, but also plays the male protagonist Tito with great dedication. By deliberately choosing a gender-spanning role, she addresses the anxiety imposed on the female body in patriarchal societies. A paradigm shift as an exorcism of the threat to the female body.