The Steed

MNG 2019
Director : Erdenebileg Ganbold
Cast : Ariunbold Erdenebayar, Enkhtuul G., Tserendagva Purevdorj

110 Min. | OmeU
World Premiere
International Section

Mongolians cannot be imagined without their horses. The Mongolian Empire encompassed two thirds of the known world, because of this scared bond between horse and man. From 3-time Mongolian Academy Award winner comes the World Premiere of a true-life story, based on the award-winning Mongolian poem »Brown Horse«. During the Russian Revolution, a nomad boy begins his journey to manhood with his dying mother’s guidance. She raises him to trust the only gift she could give him: a horse who becomes his best friend. After being cruelly separated from everything he loves, the boy sets off to find his steed. In the end, a boy and a horse teach us the true meaning of family, in an epic story about love, devotion, and kinship with one’s homeland. A breathtaking feast of inspiration for all generations. And a cinematic offering that will touch and inspire the unfailing hearts of heroes at every age. A celebration ofthe spirit of a hero that never dies.