The Projectionist

DOM 2019
Director : José Maria Cabral
Cast : Felix Germán, Cindy Galán

98 Min. | OmeU
European Premiere
International Section

Eliseo is a sullen, hopeless nostalgic. He lives alone and in remembrance of a past cinematic world. With his portable projector he drives from town to town to bring the cinema to the people. His biggest love is reserved for a woman- but she only exists on grainy, crackling rolls of celluloid, which he projects onto a bed sheet each night and keeps like a sacred object in his refrigerator. A thousand times he has watched the beautiful stranger, dined with her, slept with her. When the old rolls of film are destroyed in an accident, Eliseo decides to look for her. In his »Guagua del Cine«, his cinema-bus, he goes on a journey through the run-down and isolated villages of the Dominican Republic. This new film by the young Dominican shooting star Jose Maria Cabral is easily reminiscent of »Cinema Paradiso«, but it is not just a homage to the power of cinema, but also a wonderful love letter to the backyards of a Caribbean dreamland.