The Ghost of Peter Sellers

CYP 2018
Director : Peter Medak
Cast : Peter Medak, Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Tony Franciosa, Norma Farnes

93 Min. | OV
German Premiere
International Section

After »The Ruling Class« became a great success, Hollywood’s doors opened wide for its director, Peter Medak. His next project was going to be one for the ages. With Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers, he had two of the greatest comedians of all time under contract, to make a pirate comedy. Milligan would deliver the screenplay and Sellers’ involvement was a worldwide box-office guarantee. But then things went wrong. Very, very wrong. Drunk captains sunk their ships, generators stopped working and Peter Sellers went berserk. He was moody, drank, permanently wanted to rewrite the screenplay, fought with colleagues and once even faked a heart attack. The film turns into a catastrophe, Medak’s Waterloo, which he has now – 40 years later – therapeutically processed with this documentary. The past cinematic shipwreck has birthed one of the most beautiful documentaries about the insanity of filmmaking and also a love letter to Peter Sellers, this brilliant, mad and tragic hero and comedian.