The Gasoline Thieves

MEX 2019
Director : Edgar Nito
Cast : Eduardo Banda, Regina Reynoso, Fernando Becerelli, Pedro Joaquin, Pascacio Lopez

93 Min. | OmeU
European Premiere
Independent Section

The Mexican countryside Lalo grows up in is everything but safe. The carefree youth of the boy ends abruptly when his search for the favor of his schoolyard love catapults him into the world of a local underground gang. Lalo trades his childhood for the Peso. During a gasoline crisis, the Huachicoleros involve himin dangerous nocturnal raids on the surrounding pipelines, where they steal the precious commodity to sell it on the black market. His childish naiveté allows him to do so, but he realizes too late that he did not just trade his younger years for money, but also for a life full of violence, drugs and cartels. In his feature debut, director Edgar Nito presents a ripped from the headlines, heartfelt, and suspenseful thriller. At its world premiere at Tribeca, Nito won the award for Best New Narrative Director.