The Boat

O Barco

BRA 2018
Director : Petrus Cariry
Cast : Romulo Braga, Samya de Lavor, Veronica Cavalcanti, Nanego Lira

72 Min. | OmeU | Original with english Subtitles
German Premiere
Independent Section

Cinema must have been invented for stories like this one. With an unparalleled visual energy, the award-winning filmmaker Petrus Cariry tells a story filled with archaic force. A beach, a fishing village, the sea and the surpressed longing for the unknown. With the eternal rise and fall of the waves time has seemingly ceased to exist. A story full of riddles and magical correlations about Esmeralda and her 26 children, all named after the alphabet. »A«, the oldest son, begins to seek out more than his elders. »Far out on the sea, you catch the same fish«, they say and stoke the fears of the unknown. Esmeralda keeps an old encyclopedia, this compendium of words and stories, this mysterious collection of yearning and curiosity, hidden as if it were Pandora’s Box. When the sole survivor of a ship wreck, the mysterious Ana, is washed ashore, this microcosm of frugality, discipline and unlimited social cohesion threatens  implode. An exhilarating film that seems to come from another world, full of grand moments, hypnotic and visually intoxicating.