Sons of Denmark

DK 2019
Director : Ulaa Salim
Cast : Imad Abul-Foul, Ari Alexander, Ivan Alan Ali, Rasmus Bjerk

120 Min. | OmeU
German Premiere
Independent Section

What causes a man to become extreme? The world is now on the edge of change. We are all closing in on each other to ourselves from the Unknown. And fear is the biggest motivator. In his stunning debut, Ulla Salim offers a story about the next, perhaps inevitable, step in our society: The road to radicalization can be quite simple. Especially for 19 year old Zakari, who runs the gamut of hardcore survival tactics as an immigrant and tests the limits of »brotherhood«– with hopes to be heard. What happens when normalization of extreme voices takes place and these voices gain power and authority? What happens when the hard rhetoric is no longer just words, but is put into action? In a time where extreme viewpoints increasingly dominate our everyday lives, and self-promotion bite-size news are swallowed by the masses, important nuances are lost in the heartland of cries in the abyss. A film whose narrative in its fateful connection of cognition and reaction reminds one of Cronenberg‘s »The Dead Zone« - and embodies what cinema should be: confrontational and suggestive.