Sequin in a Blue Room

AUS 2019
Director : Samuel van Grinsven
Cast : Conor Leach, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Ed Wightman, Anthony Brandon Wong, Damien de Montemas, Patrick Cullen

80 Min. | OV
International Premiere
Independent Section

Sequin: the screen name of a 16-year-old, who is part of the first generation of young gay teens coming of age and seeking identity in the time of social media and hook-up app communication. His parents are supportive and school is normal, but in a world of online instant access and sexual discovery on demand, Sequin is obsessed with hook-up apps. And for better or worse – growing up faster than his peers. Always logged in, and never emotionally connected, he lies about his age and ghosts each anonymous sexual encounter as soon as the act is over – and continues scrolling. An older married man known as ›B‹ is also obsessed – but with the teenage Sequin, whose misguided pursuit of meaningless sex leaves him totally disinterested. The chance encounter and sudden disappearance of a mysterious man at a sex party in The Blue Room is a game changer for the teen. Driven by romantic delusions, and determined to find the stranger, he heads down a thrilling but dangerous path that will lead him through a labyrinth of generational complexity and transgressions. Drawing from his own experiences and that of his peers, the auspicious debut of Van Grinsven captures a refreshingly honest portrait of a specific part of his community, as teen fantasies collide with adult realities.