Reach for Me

USA 2008
Director : Levar Burton
Cast : Seymour Cassel, Johnny Withworth, Lacey Chabert, Adrienne Barbeau, Charlene Blaine, Larry Hankin, LeVar Burton, Alfre Woodard

100 Min. | OV


»What do you guys do around here for fun?« might not be the best question to ask when arriving at a hospice. And probably not directed at Alvin, as the old geezer wants to spend his remaining days here in relative peace and quiet. That‘s why he answers: »Get of my back, kid. I’m busy here. Busy dying.« His new roommate seems out of place in the hospice: Kevin is young and desperately wants to spend his remaining days with his girlfriend. Despite the looming death they both hunger for life and watching them the old man startsto think about his life, his failed marriage and about love in itself. LeVar Burton portrays the hospice not as a place where people come to die but as a space where death is always present but despite and because of that the focus is on life. Seymour Cassel as the grumpy old man Alvin delivers one of the best performances of his career and Burton himself had to take on a small part as the nurse Nathaniel.