Ray Meets Helen

USA 2018
Director : Alan Rudolph
Cast : Keith Carradine, Sondra Locke, Samantha Mathis, Jennifer Tilly, Keith David

100 Min. | OV | Originalversion
European Premiere
International Section

15 years after his most recent film, Alan Rudolph, the director of classics like »Choose Me« or »Trouble in Mind« returns to the screen. With Sondra Locke and his favorite actor, Academy Award winner Keith Carradine, he tells the story of the former boxer Ray and the lonely Helen, who are both chasing their lost dreams. Fate provides Ray with a large sum of money and Helen with the identity of a recently deceased socialite. The story of both reinventing themselves is told by Rudolph with playful dialogue, imaginative visuals and autobiographical undertones. And then the two of them meet, see through each other’s dazzling façade and fall in love with the person behind it. In the 70s and 80s, when Hollywood still provided space for eccentric outsiders, there existed a fertile ground for Rudolph’s melodramas that were populated with melancholy characters. With »Ray meets Helen«, he takes us on a journey through time into a cinema that was still interested in humanity, vulnerability and emotions.

»Ray Meets Helen« has a wistful, whimsical sophistication that has all but disappeared from movies. Filled with imaginative visuals populated by the ghosts of the gone and hopes for the future, the movie is wonderfully, magically humane.
New York Times