GER / FRA 1982
Director : Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Cast : Burkhard Driest, Brad Davis, Franco Nero, Jeannie Moreau, Laurent Malet

104 Min. | EF | Englische Fassung


Fassbinder tells his last and deeply controversial film »Querelle« with melodramatic images. The sailor of the same name lands with his crew in front of an orange-and-pink backdrop, with the harbor bordello »Feria« rising in the background. There, between droll characters in garish costumes, Querelle has his first experiences with homosexuality. Fassbinder‘s revolutionary cult-movie centers on sex, violence and male failure. He manages to bring opposites together: beauty, pleasure and lust is not distinguishable from violence, fraud and rivalry. Burkhard Driest was brave to inhabit a part that is untypical for him. Quite adaptable, he plays Mario, a distinctive police officer and Querelle‘s lover. He also wrote the screenplay, based on Jean Genet‘s novel of the same name. Fassbinder was unhappy and wanted to set his own priorities. Self-effacing milieu-study was met by dreamy self-staging. The result is a movie that has queer cinema coming out of its pores, with bizarre and overly dramatic images that veer at times between »Rocky Horror Picture Show« and Italian opera. A timeless as well as universal piece of work about power, love and sexual liberation.