Promise at Dawn

La Promesse de l’aube

FRA 2017
Director : Eric Barbier
Cast : Pierre Niney, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Didier Bourdon

131 Min. | OmU | Original with german Subtitles
International Premiere
International Section

»Promise at Dawn« unfurls the fabulously colorful life of the famous French writer, director and diplomat Romain Gary. From his childhood in Poland and his youth beneath the sun of Nizza, to his experiences as a pilot in Africa during WWII, Romain Gary lived an extraordinary life. A life which reality even surpasses a mother’s wildest dreams. Because it was his unswerving love to his loveable, eccentric mother Nina that made him advance and become one of the greatest novelists of the 20th century, the only man who twice won the French literary award Prix Goncourt. Nina is played by Charlotte Gainsbourg, and – as apt for a big cinematic biopic – we follow her and her son’s lives over many decades. A wonderful challenge for one of the grand dames of French cinema, to one again shine as a fascinating character actress. Her nuanced performance also makes the film a loving homage to the most arduous, crazy and loving mother in the entire world.