Paule Pauländer

GER 1976
Director : Reinhard Hauff
Cast : Manfred Reiss, Angelika Kulessa, Manfred Gnoth, Katharina Tüschen, Werner Eichhorn, Margret Homeyer

88 Min. | DF | Deutsche Fassung


1975‘s »Paule Pauländer«, screenwriter Burkhard Driest shows us a long forgotten world. We follow 15-year-old Paule‘s hard life on his parent‘s farm. Under his controlling father – who is fighting to save the homestead – he and his brother are forced to work very hard. When his brother leaves, the shy and obedient Paule meets the city girl Elfi – and with her a reason to rebel against the despotic and coarse father. In his third collaboration with director Reinhard Hauff, Driest paints a portrait of the slow decline of small farms and takes a snapshot of country life in the 70s. An willingly unromantic and critical »Heimatfilm« that skewers hard life on the farm, violent upbringing and patriarchal structures. The story is based on the life of one of Driest‘s cellmates. »Paule Pauländer« draws its authenticity inno small part from its leading actors: father and son where cast somewhere in the countryside, where the son had to do hard labor for his stepfather and - after filming was finished - followed in Paule‘s footsteps.