USA / ZAF 2019
Director : Arin Crumley
Cast : Susan Buice, Josh Steinbauer, Tarynn O, Roger Ingraham

77 Min. | OV
International Premiere
Independent Section

Matter Out Of Place – matter that without the benefit of gravity will always search for a form. Levitating – out of place – that is Arin Crumley’s version of »Tristan and Iseult« for millennials. When Roger turns up and crosses the path of these searchers, gravity vanishes for a moment and Crumley’s beautiful title finds a levitation balance between finding someone and letting go, curiosity for the coming journey and a longing for security. The surreal and colorful backdrop of the one-week Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert sets the scene for »MOOP«. An explosion of images and ideas in a breathtaking landscape. Seemingly without effort, the film unites documentary with narrative, the authentic with the absurd and creates a visual experience that also asks big questions: What is love? What is real? And where the hell is the next port-a-potty? Moments out of time – matters out of place. If the surface happens to be that beautiful, what else is there left to search for?