AUT 2019
Director : Andreas Horvath
Cast : Patrycja Planik

128 Min. | OmU/OmeU | Original with german and english subtitles
German Premiere
Independent Section

Radical loneliness, deep and powerful images and a sensitive societal analysis – »Lillian« masterfully unites all these aspects. Andreas Horvath’s road movie tells the true story of Lillian, who – stranded illegally in New York and cast out even by the outer fringes of society – decides to walk across the continent to reach her homeland Russia via the Bering Straight. By the roadside, she makes her way systematically through the America beyond the big cities; though deserted villages, industrial zones and the never-ending expanse of breathtaking landscapes. Lillian’s existence – impressively, stoic and wordlessly embodied by Patrycja Planik – gets increasingly smaller among the endless streets, woods, deserts and snowy landscapes. Every setting is like a powerful photograph in this lyrical and silent swansong to a system that lets its weakest members down. Horvath’s »Lillian« and Hitchcock’s »North by Northwest« don’t only share the same geographic direction, but also a story about the loss of identity. Lillian believes that she can only regain hers in her homeland – and that’s how this magical journey into infinity takes its course.