GER 2019
Director : Jan-Ole Gerster
Cast : Corinna Harfouch, Tom Schilling, Volkmar Kleinert, Rainer Bock, André Jung

96 Min. | OmeU

Independent Section

Lara used to have a promising future as a concert pianist, but it ended when her teacher told her: »Lara, if I think of the day of your first public appearance, I feel sorry for your parents.« She wanted to avoid public disgrace, said goodbye to her dream and became a civil servant – but imposed the piano on her son, who will have his concert debut with an original composition today. She has not been invited, despite it being her birthday. The only logical reaction in her mind is to buy all remaining tickets and give them to acquaintances and strangers, as she has no friends. Jan-Ole Gerster, whose debut »Oh Boy« opened the festival in 2012, won the German Independence Award and became a huge success, directs this tragically-humorous story around a protagonist one is not prepared to like, but is bound to as the film progresses. Perfectly cast with Corinna Harfouch, who excels with an expressive and nuanced performance, and Tom Schilling as her son, Gerster manages to paint a profound portrait, proving once and for all that he is not a one-hit-wonder.