Kleinhoff Hotel

ITA 1977
Director : Carlo Lizzani
Cast : Bruce Robinson, Corinne Cléry, Katja Rupé

98 Min. | EF | Englische Fassung


During her wanderings around West Berlin, Pascale stumbles in a subway station into an art-exhibition and protest, where a group of young radicals equates Germany in 1977 with the country’s state in 1937. Only a few days later will she find out that she has fallen under the spell of a leftwing terrorist, to then experience herself the political and societal state of affairs in the German Federal Republic. Together with a group of other women, she is arrested during a raid. At the police station, they have to undress and submit to degrading examinations. Director Carlo Lizzani employs classic mechanisms of exploitation cinema with these scenes, but he immediately subverts them. Voyeurism turns into anger and revulsion. Only Rainer Werner Fassbinder was as radical and direct when examining the late 70s, when something in Western Europe seemed to tilt. Many other aspects of this films are reminiscent of his delirious cinema of passions and obsessions. The bizarre amour fou that the unlikely couple played by Corinne Cléry and Bruce Robinson delves into holds a mirror of societal changes that can only end in emptiness and paralysis.